Thursday, November 29, 2012

Michigan Considers Secededing Detroit

The politicians in Michigan are considering secededing the city of Detroit.  They would simply liquidate it, and let it dissolve into Wayne county.  A curious event needs a curious word: secededing.

LANSING (CBS Detroit) - It would no doubt be controversial, but the idea of dissolving the fiscally struggling city of Detroit and absorbing it into Wayne County is being tossed around in Lansing.

Now dissolving the legal fiction that is Detroit will not make it go away. There will still be people, roads, buildings and bridges.  Just the claim on those asset by city pensioners will be dissolved, just as a state seceding would no doubt repudiate any ersatz claims the feds would place on it.

This is wonderful!  The very politicians who we'd expect to keep a political entity alive anre talking about dissolving it and making it go away.

So the people of Detroit need only sit tight, repudiate all the debts, declare a free trade zone called New Detroit, and start over.  The situation is excellent in Detroit.

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