Sunday, October 4, 2015

All Unemployment is Voluntary

It's risky including "all" in any statement, but in this case it is accurate.  Now, there are people unable to work for illness or injury, but they are on the casualty list, not unemployed.

If someone is not working, it is because unemployment is preferable to what work is on offer.  Countless jobs go begging to be filled, and I am not talking "would you like fries with that burger?" or the poverty draft into the military.  More below.

For those who say "Mexicans" stole their job, feel free to sign up with Labor Ready and "steal" a job a Mexican would do.  Anyone complaining about immigrants is lying to himself, and slandering people who are willing to work.  Indeed Labor Ready is changing its name to True Blue, and their system of dispatch is truly random.  Whole lotta "temp to hire" blue collar work there.

Since we are no longer offered a good education in USA, there is no way to know we've seen this all before.  Lucretius was complaining about all the immigrants in Rome, made something of a career of it (like Pat Buchanan today, who well studied Lucretius).  I am also well acquainted with the reality on the ground, practices that would get WASPs thrown in jail that are tolerated among the recent immigrants.  Yes, yet again, the hegemon understands perfectly well people thrive in anarchy, and allows anarchy among the newly arrived, in order that they establish and thrive better faster.  Yes, I see the BMWs and the MBs at the welfare offices, and I even know some of the people driving.  Don't be bitter, be happy with your portion.

As to Indian and Chinese immigrants "stealing" your job, and the mysterious preference for foreign engineers over USA engineers, we have one well documented case of a foreign engineer turning his work over to a dozen people overseas.  Glowing reports on his productivity.  If that is how the game is played, then play it, don't whine. If you need to go to India and line up a dozen people in India to pay to do your job while you are in USA, then go!  Every computer engineer major in USA should spend his junior year abroad in India lining up a crew to create his cutting edge senior project and standby to work when he gets hired at Google or Amazon or Apple.

I once worked a year in the orchards to learn the food business from the ground up and the tree out, and I got paid better than the foreigners, in spite of being rather worthless in the field.  How come?  Because I was white...  owners are desperate to have American managers, if they can find them.

Of course, there is an alternative, and that is start your own business.  The probability is these people all standing in line in 2011 are still standing in line.
Job seekers line up for a job fair in midtown in New York on Monday, August 15, 2011. (Frances M. Roberts)
But had they begun their own business, they'd be hiring, not standing.  There may not be any jobs, but there is plenty of work, if you understand the accurate definition of wealth.  Start your business now!

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Example 77,402,349 of Why Never Let Government Regulate

If true, VW has been exceptionally sober and clever about the state of regulation in USA.  Their diesel engines were programmed to perform to spec when tested by the sinecurial emission testing crew.
Suffice to say, regulators were livid once they caught on. Last Friday, the Environmental Protection Agency announced that Volkswagen had very flagrantly violated the Clean Air Act. Not only did the EPA order the German firm to fix the affected vehicles — which include diesel TDI versions of the Golf, Jetta, Beetle, and Passat — but the agency could end up levying fines as high as $18 billion. The Department of Justice is also contemplatingcriminal charges.
Livid. "Once they caught on."  VW was scamming the regulators for ten years, and they never caught on.  (Sound familiar, can you say Madoff?)

It was of course, a private group, nosing around on their own, that sniffed out the mischief.  There are no cases in which USA regulators have found wrongdoing.  They only wake-up when private entities make enough noise to drive the media form its comatose state.

Now groggy and cranky, they will fine VW, which will raise prices to cover the cost, and since the best (everyone agrees, VW) will be priced higher, welfare-queen USA diesel producers at Ford and GM will also raise prices and be as competitive as yesterday.  As usual, when the regulators get busy, the consumer is harmed.

If we care about holding entities to standards, to that degree it is work too important to trust to the hegemon, which fails at everything, by choice.  Free markets keep businesses honest, and government protects malefactors.

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Saturday, October 3, 2015

Jobs Report: Looks Encouraging To Me!

When I read...
More than 56 million women were not of the U.S. labor force last month, according to new government data released Friday. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that 56,647,000 women, ages 16 and older during the month of September were neither employed nor had made specific efforts to find work in the past four weeks.
and see this

with this comment...
In other disappointing news, the economy added only 142,000 jobs in September, well below economists' expectations, but the unemployment rate remained at 5.1 percent, where it was in August.
I say, things are looking up.    That chart goes form 1948 to 2015.   From 1948 to 1970 all is within a point a a half range, 58.5 to 60.  The comes where very economic graph goes screwy, when Nixon took us (and the world) of the gold standard lite.  Now banks could lend nothing at interest, and people could borrow and charge it off to future generations.  (It is coming to an end because God said He will not allow sins to go past the fourth generation, and we are there.)

That graph represent data that has been jiggered countless times over the years, so each point plotted plots a new definition.  It sort of gives us a picture, but does not explain just how evil the picture is.

There has to be some promise to repay to back no assets to lend so women in the workforce was an astonishing development in the 1970s.  (A mother working?!  Something was very, very wrong...)

We have had a poverty draft into the military for 40 years and a poverty draft of women into the workplace for 50 years.  So THAT economy is dying out.  If it means women who want to stay home and raise kids can do so, then great!  But in any event, THEIR economy, AN economy is dying before our eyes, but not THE economy, certainly not MY economy.  I see nothing but peace and prosperity far and wide.  Now, certainly there will be hundreds of millions fighting over literally scraps, but that has nothing to do with me.  I'll drive past them, and their chosen fates.

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Specialty Still Fine

Good business is still growing...
"National import volumes and prices have decreased in China compared to last year. This is caused by a weakening Yuan and unstable market conditions. However, the fruit import and export market will continue to grow”.
In deflation, as costs drop faster than prices, you'll see dealers charging less and less yet their profits widening, with both the seller and the buyer ever happier at the circumstances.  It is contrary to what we've experienced the last forty years, but wrap your brain around it, for it is where we are going.

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Friday, October 2, 2015

Online Import Export Courses Now!

If you look at the upper right of this blog page, you'll find links to two online small business international trade start-up courses.  Each is live online, and starts next week. These courses are based on real-world experience taught by me, a practicing professional.  They are highly rated by students for content, candor and humor.

You may enroll through any of dozens of schools, but the courses are strictly non-credit.  Decide if you want an general start-up course,

or a specific 'exporting food" course...

Either way, no need to pay now, you'll be billed for the course.

If you need to start up your business now, there is no more direct method than is laid out in my courses.  Feel free to email me with any questions.

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Chinese & Real Estate: It IS Monopoly Money

Just like?  No, it is monopoly money.  There is nothing to back the credit represented in currency, or the tallies behind the credit cards.  or if there is, it is pennies on the dollar.  One is wise to trade tallies for diamonds.  More risky to do so for property, since at the coming reckoning, the taxes will put unhappy faces on owners of all sorts of property: real estate, pensions, and paychecks.
“They arrive with this endless stream of money without working or earning it. It’s just Monopoly money to them,” says Gotham Dream Cars’ Rob Ferretti of Chinese customers who come to him in search of an exotic ride. They lease cars like the $397,000 Maybach 57S for $2,200 a day. Color-wise, “They love these light blues,” Ferretti says. They’re even particular about the car’s VIN number: They like when it has as many eights in it as possible.
They?  What do you think USA has done around the world the last 70 years?  The Chinese are just beating us at our own game.  Their credit is better.  For now.

Being self-employed, you don't really need much of a paycheck, since the business is the lifestyle.

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New American Poverty Part Two

Just like food overprocessed can become a slow poison, so is media-mediated life a slow poison.  I know life before the internet, life before before beepers, and even before telephone answering machines.  I don't know life before television or radio, but I hear from those who did that these new devices overall were no net positive.

But!  All of this has made communication and research faster and cheaper, no mean feat.  If you have something worth saying or researching, this is good.  If you are competitive, this is essential.

But!  Almost no one has anything worth saying to as wide an audience as the 'net avails, and if one is competitive, one competes on the same platform, so whether high tech is the answering machine or the predictive dialer, the better competitor wins.

And nothing has changed in competition: it is still the sales/pro dev process of observation - problem - solution - form hypothesis - test hypothesis - observation - ad infinitem.  Excelsior!  (I wonder why old-school packing material was called "excelsior"?  Just a brand name, or celebrating a shipment, which is legally a sale?)

There is a false economy, F I R E, that is about to come down.  Taxpayers credit allotted to General Motors to subsidy-advertise taxpayer subsidized Camaros on not-marked-to-market (yet pension-funded) Gawker is AN economy, but not THE economy.  If you want to see A economy, a most basic one, visit the Amish who pay no social security taxes, Obamacare exempt, war-exempt, compulsory school exempt, etc.  Credit is king there, not money.  (But they do have money!)

From that austere simplicity, there are countless variations.  And many complexities can be added, but the one economy killer is usury, charging a fee for a charitable event, a loan.  (All loans are charity, there is no such legitimate event as a "business loan.")

As THIS economy comes a tumblin' down, as USA's empty credit stretches to the limit of the 4th generation out, there is a guide to navigating the shoals safely.  Just neither pay nor accept interest (usury, fees at any rate for any amount for any duration.)  There are no economic events that require fee-based loans, none for which there is not a better alternative, one in which the fraud of "selling" something which does not exist is not central.

It is a lot harder than you think, but you'll see how insidious it is.  If you can qualify as a UBER driver (not hard) you are guaranteed a car no more than 4 years old, off select dealer lots.  No one gets turned down for bad credit.  Indeed, a system already being gamed by people with bad credit, who get UBER-approved and then get a new car, but decline to actually drive for UBER.

With usury, there is money to be made all around, off those who do decide to drive.  For those who fail, well, a brief joy ride.

it all gets down to your definition of wealth: is it personal accumulation?  Or is wealth to what degree what array of goods and services are accessible to what range of people with their own earnings?

A country where 47% of the people cannot feed themselves, depend on handouts, is not a wealthy country.  A system that crowds out those willing to work and viable small businesses with despoiling mal-credit. A country that has a poverty draft. That is an impoverished country.  U S A ! U S A ! U S A !

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Thursday, October 1, 2015

The New American Poverty

While you were staring at your display, or more recently, working facebook, USA made war on various countries and destabilized vast swathes of the world.  Now ten to twenty years into this our economy is teetering, and 15 USA companies paid no taxes on 23 billion in profits.  Taxes are for chumps.

Those devices have crowded out aspirations.  Where once people wanted personal contact, nice things, pleasant surroundings, now they have their noses into a talkie-hearie voodoo box (or whatever they are called) of some sort, oblivious to the fact there is more, and better.

The media-mediated life is ephemeral, and when the USA can no longer get credit to finance it, it will come tumbling down.  So what if you know what everyone is doing, if they are not doing anything.  We can see through your walls!  Playing video games.  wow.

Anyway, in a country of 350 million, it only takes five or six million to make a separate economy thrive.  heck, the Amish do it with only several dozen thousands.  It's too bad, seeing so many deny the rest of us the good of their creativity.

Start your business, it is the most revolutionary act you can make.

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The Belt and Road Freight Trade Index

Nice work Bush, Cheney, Rumsfled, Clinton and your neocon front men...  you've isolated USA from the rest of the world.  
The indices, with January 2015 used as the base period, will be released on the last Monday of every month.

The Belt and Road Freight Trade Index (SRFTI), is designed to track the volume and value of international trade between China and 66 countries along the Belt and Road, which are in Asia, North Africa, Europe, and Oceania, a statement of SSE said.

The Maritime Silk Road Freight Index (MSRFI), tracks the shipping freight rates of imported and exported containerised cargoes, imported dry bulk cargoes, and imported crude oil.
Your isolating policies of war, and more war have made the rest of the world look elsewhere to trade.

Pope John Paul II (now Saint John Paul) said evil government is like a cloud, a weather pattern, that moves from one place to another, slowly.  Russia, China, Eastern Europe, now it seems to be settling in on North America.  Central Asia is brightening.

And next election our choices will be....  ummm... Bush and Clinton.

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Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Trade Show Expense Budget

Your success depends on trade shows, for they are the most efficient test of your hypothesis.  Yet, they need not be too expensive to attend.  Where most others are forking over $20,000 for a show, you can have your own booth all-in for $8000, or share one for $2000, or get a sales rep and pay nothing.  I have a .pdf decision tree on this, and feel free to email me for that.  Here is an excellent and comprehensive list of trade-show related expenses, for which to budget.
There is much more to a comprehensive trade show exhibit budget than you’d expect. In order to stay within budget and avoid the potential cost overruns, let’s take a closer look at some line items that must be considered in a well-planned trade show budget: 
What I like about this list is since it is so thorough, you can wittingly decide what not to spend, and then decide how to cover that decided lack.

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