Sunday, December 2, 2012

A Good Example

Alfred sends in an excellent example of a real world start-up, and any student of mine will see the pattern, it is what I teach.  It is also a point I have to make, what I teach is not "copy John" but "How to." And what I teach is no secret, it is just the right way to proceed.  In this instance:

“I remember one of those trips to Fargo,” Shelby laughed. “There was a really good-looking guy in line and we were chatting. And then I had to pull off my boots and I realized how stupid I must look. Suddenly that cute outfit didn’t seem so cute anymore. I just hoped he didn’t notice. I spent that entire flight thinking, there had to be a better way.”
And by the time Shelby’s plane touched down, she’d come up with one. She decided someone needed to create a pair of tights made specifically for women like her -- women who wanted a fashionable look that would also keep them warm. And she decided that someone was going to be her.

Very good... read the article and it is replete with experience.  But the best part is the comments, where people tell her how stupid her idea is.  AFTER she is at a million in sales!  Ummm... folks,

1. Where is your success?

2.  Your opinion does not matter, the only opinion that matters is that of her customers.

3.  After someone succeeds is a little late to be criticizing and idea.

It does show how so very often people are keen on criticizing anyone who steps out of line and tries to make the world a better place.  Count on it.

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