Sunday, July 6, 2014

Do Good While Doing Well Right Now

If you ever want to visit a ranch run right, that produces good food well, and even teaches others, the Devil's Gulch Ranch is the place to go and better yet send your kids to a summer camp.  I know, because I spent a day there.

But doing all that is as Wellington said a "damn close run thing."  Farming is money up and money down, and we can keep the wicked big banks away from farmland by promoting these kinds of loans. Keep these ranchers free to make good food!

So in steps Kiva with zero interest loans.  That's right, I can also recommend this because Kiva will facilitate a loan that will be repaid,  only no interest.  I am so delighted to see these expanding, a usury-free market.  Crush the big nasty banks with people power!  Defend the small farmers!

Now here is the deal...  Kiva will kick in an extra $500 depending on how many people subscribe.  The amount does not matter, it starts at a mere $5!  Or you can put an end to their immediate struggle and kick in $6930.00.  If you got it, do it.  You'll get it back. Either way, anything from $5 to $6930.00. You do it today, and spread this around so others do it by July 8.

Get your debit card right now, and become part of the solution, making an interest free loan of a small amount to people who are making the kind of food we should be eating.  The more people like this grow, the lower the price to the rest of us for tasty, nutritious food.  Pledge right here, right now.

Did you do it?  Good, you just made the world a better place.  Now tell everyone else....

Feel free to forward this by email to three of your friends.