Friday, August 29, 2014

Ferguson: What Goes Around Comes Around

With our criminal invasion of Iraq, the people who did the actual deed are coming back and becoming police officers.  Condign punishment - what goes around comes around.

Iraq Occupation:

Ferguson Occupation:

What policing once was:

Outraged citizens with guns on state capital steps circa 1970.  Police response?
One bored cop (by the pillar, talking to the reporter ... (NB - the cop is not gassing the reporter.)  .

When you invade countries on false pretenses, but to steal their resources to keep your welfare state going, things change.  We could work for, and produce what we need, but it is easier for the powers that be to steal them as long as there are enough people who benefit from the theft.  USA citizens are not safe as long as we have state welfare, corporate or otherwise.

All that pentagon war equipment used in Ferguson, well, if police do not deploy the military equipment against citizens within one year of receipt, the Pentagon will take it back.  Those are the rules.

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