Sunday, August 31, 2014

The CDC, Autism and Whistleblowing

Now here is a troubling bit of theatre, an anti-autism group has reported on CDC mischief, and has rather credible evidence, naming names.  Nothing special there, although human drug trials can be criminal, all drug trials done without consent are criminal in USA.  Except by executive order, when the president can legalize a company running trials on people without their permission.  All human safety laws in USA are trumped by an exception by executive order.

Time magazine and others are reporting on this controversy, and here is the controversial video.

I have a bit of a problem with the mention of whistleblower.  The video starts out making a false claim, "CDC Whistleblower revealed."  Well, in fact, the "whistleblower" is not named.  It is like all of these people who come out 25 years later after some official crime, and when safely in retirement tell us that some crime was committed. McNamara is the poster boy of this ethic.  Unless someone is willing to stand-and-deliver, then shut up about it.  If this is true, whoever is "so sorry..." is not sorry enough to stand up like a man and say what he did when he did it.  No one goes to jail for these crimes, so he is not at risk of that, what is left at risk is retaliation in which he would lose he pension.  And there is exactly why criminality can flourish, because the people with some conscious get conscious trumped by the god ka-ching. Also, this half-way expose leaves controversy which ultimately serves the bad guys.

The video opens with the CDC run Tuskegee Experiments, and has the surprising data showing the autism rates impact people of African ancestry disproportionately.  Well, that is USA.  People of African ancestry are the despised class (every country has at least one, because like a national airline, you are not really a country without one).  Abortion rates among people of African heritage run about 30% on average, 60% in some places.  A disease uniquely African-american is sickle cell anemia, which rather goes begging for research dollars.  I see nothing good in patents, and I smell a rat when we Americans take out a patent on ebola, and the ebola breaks out in Africa, where we can save the day.

Just as it was in 1974 that at the same time USA declared "food as a weapon" there were policy guidelines issued and kept secret until 1992, in which our Sec State outlined that controlling food would control the world, so we may find in 20 years a similar directive in which we control the world by controlling medicine.  Sine the GMO thing is on the ropes, time for Monsanto to get into ebola drugs? Time to move to more subtle means?

But back to the CDC targeting people of African ancestry.  The fact that no one will step forward and say "I did this, I have first hand knowledge of that" means no one will take responsibility.  C'est la vie. My main objection is I am denied the good of the competition of people of African ancestry in the measure they are the playthings of the oppressors, and thus denied the opportunity of participation under the progressives.  Our economy needs as much competition as it can get.

The tool around which all of this mischief is organized and supported, the command and control, is the usury regime.  Get rid of this, and no one can concentrate the power to advance their pusillanimous evil ends.

Here is a billion dollar business.  Set up an office in Hong Kong in which US Citizens can upload their medical histories.  In USA medical history revelation will get you jailed, it is super secret, not for confidentiality, but because results sometimes reveal intentions.  All of these scandals could be easily spotted early on with pure science.  As the Hong Kong company received more and more medical histories, the data would highlight mischief afoot.  Other scientists around the world could come up with alternative therapies and counteract, in any event the data itself would be golden. Gather the numbers for free, crunch the data, and sell the reports.  Billions there, but illegal here.

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