Thursday, August 28, 2014

Wine Sales Into China

How do small Hong Kong businesses land sales in China?  MOQ FOB.  Exactly how the extremely few people in USA who are succeeding at small business international trade do it...
Hong Kong-based CEO Wine Cellar, a wine trading firm set up in 2008, also found success during the recent Style Hong Kong Changsha Show.
“Customers bought in bulk, splashing about Rmb10,000 per purchase,” said George Chan, General Manager of CEO Wine Cellar. The company took part in several Style Hong Kong shows, including in Xian, Harbin, Nanning and Qingdao. 
Bulk? RMB 10K is about US$1650.  Splash?  How about drop?    USA wineries are advised to "go big or go home" and put massive resources into huge presence and preparation. Go for big lawyer-mediated full container loads. And after all that, be happy with "trade leads."

That is just wrong.  MOQ FOB, $1650 orders are where it is at.  Search and learn.  Not the biggest order possible, the smallest order rational.

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