Thursday, September 4, 2014

Anarchy In Action - Argentina Event

In anarchy, you are the cop.  The collective response to your actions by your community is necessary and sufficient to maintain law and order and peace and prosperity.  Israel had this for some 400 years, Iceland some 200, Belgium just did nearly two years without a government.  But more importantly, that vast majority of anyone's interactions in life have no government oversight.  It is theatre.

Most of the time your mal-behaviour can get you shunned by people you care about, or worse, killed by someone you crossed badly, so anarchy does have a retribution scheme, pitch perfect to the crime, since each person decides their own response to your wrongdoing.  Given revenge killings etc, the bible provided a limit to responses for the Israel community in anarchy.

On the other hand, with the state, we have elaborate processes that result in nothing useful anyway.  In the case of serial-defaulter Argentina, big money folks lent them money (again) and then some vulture funders held out for full repayment after yet another default and haircut.  This Argentina problem went all the way to the US Supreme court.  Now, any sovereign nation that puts its financial disposition at the feet of foreign government entity is simply not serious about ever paying the debt back.  Anyone who read that proviso should have taken this as prima facie malintent.  Who does that?

Sure enough, a case went to the USA Supremes, and Argentina lost.  Now Argentina is ignoring the USA courts and working out a deal through France.  So ultimately, what Argentina suffers for their peccadillo gets down to what their playmates on the world stage decide they will suffer.  No US Supreme Court needed.  The world community of financiers are keen to sort this out, so Argentina can clear its books and start borrowing again.

What we have with government is chaos, and with anarchy peace and prosperity.  (The state fears the peace and prosperity of anarchy, so it uses the definition of chaos and calls anarchists nihilists.  But in the academy, anarchy is still properly used - anarchy = no + king.)  Time to move beyond the chaos.

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