Tuesday, September 2, 2014

UCBerkeley Extension Certificate in Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management

UCBerkeley Extension offers certificates in many disciplines.  One such certificate is for Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management.  The certificate has five required courses and demands at least one elective for completion.  As to electives, there is this proviso...
ElectivesYou may choose any UC Berkeley Extension course offered in Business and Management to be taken for elective credit, but you must first check with the department for approval.
The department has informed me my course is approved as an elective, so the certificate may be had with a distinct international flavor, in my UC Berkeley Extension seminar.  Next seminar is November 17th, and a UCBerkeley certificate is to be esteemed by one and all.

UCBerkeley Extension qualifies for most business educational benefit programs, so check out having your employer foot the tab, including travel to San Francisco since this is the only place I teach this course live.  Otherwise get here on your own, the past students rate it highly.

Feel free to forward this by email to three of your friends.