Monday, June 1, 2015

Fail Fast Fail Early Done Right - Just Say No!

On May 27, 2015, at 7:31 AM, MP wrote:

Thanks ... 

I've been very accommodating of clients in the past as I didn't want to discourage them from ordering.  Now I'm not quite as desperate for sales / I'm less willing to go the extra mile to deal with problem clients and messy orders.

I just played hardball with a potential big new client, telling him that we charge 5% extra for credit card / paypal orders and if he wants us to provide a shipper there's a 10% surcharge and they must pay 100% of the shipping costs before it leaves port and that they work directly with the shippers after that.  

Quite surprisingly the client agreed and paid a $2,500 deposit without any fuss.

John - This was also inspired by the idea of the MOQ FOB proposal you demonstrated in the export food course.  It's refreshing to have the confidence in my business that I can dictate my own terms and still make sales.
It's hard to convince people of this... as a buyer I always ask for all the freebies i can get... as long as the seller is saying yes, I keep asking...  Start-ups burn themselves out trying to please customers instead of tying to build a viable offer.  The LCL MOQ FOB is an instrument pursuant to a test of a hypothesis...  everytime you say yes to a variable, hat instance is a complete waste of time, even if you get a sale, and worse, since that yes, that sale, is just one step on your way out of business.

Your job in business building is to form your hypothesis and achieve valid and reliable market feedback, by testing it in buyers, defined as 'ready, willing and able."

It's what I teach, and no one else does.

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