Saturday, June 27, 2015

The Destruction of French Restarateurism

I am surprised at widespread reports of how bad food is in French restaurants in Paris, something my daughter studying there confirms.  Eric Margolis addresses this, and if you read the whole article, you'll see he notes Italian restaurants are the place to go.

Mitterrand imposed a 35-hour workweek on France that remains to this day, damaging France’s economy.  Restaurants could no longer keep one shift for lunch and dinner.  A full second shift was needed – something that many small restaurants and cafes simply could not afford.
At the same time, formation of the European Common Market led to ingredients coming from ever further away: tomatoes from Spain or Turkey, vegetables from Eastern Europe.  This means food lost its freshness and nutritional quality.  Previously, restaurateurs knew the farmers who supplied their produce and meats.  No longer.

Independently, my daughter patronizes only Italian restaurants in Paris, but I think Margolis misses one important point, the Italian restaurants are run by family, not employees, thus beating the system.

If you want to survive the coming fights of entitlement vs short rations, the start a business, better a family business.

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