Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Trade With Iran Growing

After Vietnamese farmers defeated the imperial military might of the USA, we began trading peacefully with the Vietnamese.  Now that the welfare/warfare USA hegemon has been defeated in the Middle East, by farmers, we are now trading again, even with Iran, our chief target:
Iran imported $154.117 million worth of products from the U.S. and exported $195,616 worth of goods to the U.S. in the past calendar year. 
We could have simply traded with the middle east starting back in the 1950s, but capitalist welfare/warfare states need war to steal enough to make good on a few of their cross-promises.

Now we can let free trade bring peace and prosperity to us and he middle east.

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Anonymous said...

I would like to trade with Iran, Vietnam, Kazakstan, Belarus.

Anonymous said...

Hi John,

Regarding potentially doing business with customers in foreign countries like Iran, Syria, Cuba, etc., - countries that may have some kind of trade restrictions, would the freight forwarders and/or customers brokers advise the small U.S. domestic business owner of these things (like not being able to sell or ship certain products to a specific country) or are we on our own? How does one handle these issues?


John Wiley Spiers said...

A USA -based freight forwarder, customsbroker is a very good filter, but not perfect. If I were trading with any of these countries, i'd personally be visiting customs BEFORE any deal and review the deal with USCustoms. Tptal transparency. They may send you off to Commerce ot some other department too, but better to show all before you try. Also, trade only in minimum orders, because even with all approvals, there may be something everyone forgot about until the goods show up.

Anonymous said...

I believe in "Peace through trade."

Anonymous said...

The future of Russia, China, and India: