Thursday, June 4, 2015

USA World Trade Declines Slightly

Bear in mind as you read USA world trade data that what is presented as bad is good for we at the small business level because the economic policy of the USA is still the socialist "get big or get out."

So when you see both imports and exports dropping slightly, this is bad news for big business and good news for small business.

Although some drop reflects simple lack of demand, that drop that reflects shift in demand to "specialty" benefits us exponentially.

Goods and Services Deficit Decreases in April 2015

It is not just rich who buy specialty, but specialists, those who know the value of a well-made and designed product.  Although a true free-range chicken costs more, you eat less and get more nutrition for you money.  Hard to get diabetes eating well.

So it is with clothes, pens, lighting, and any other consumer goods you might use.  When I first went to Europe I learned people dress very well, but they only have three outfits, all top quality.  In USA we are consumeristic, we buy junk and toss it.

Time to change that.

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