Friday, July 24, 2015

Beef Exports - Get Big And Get Out

The stated USA government policy of "get big or get out" designed to destroy small business in USA, has been wildly successful.  But by the same token it is now creating blowback for big business, just as our unwarranted military attacks around the world create blowback.

China has cut a deal with Australia that they won't do with USA:
China's beef consumption is set to grow around 2.2 percent annually, faster than pork and poultry, according to Rabobank.
By 2025, only 80 percent of China's consumption demand will be met by local supplies, down from 85 percent currently, according to estimates from the bank prior to the deal.
USA trends in beef exports tend to show big business.  But small business is stymied by rules outlawing the testing for mad cow disease.

Big business has captured the government.  We need a strict separation of business and government.

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The future of global trade looks interesting indeed: