Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Bene-credit Then and Now

And there would be another splendid graph in response to this graph....

The blue line is what the banks generated in mal-credit valuation.  Before banking mal-credit, there was private bene-credit.

Note in 1981, the valuation was a delusional 2X the GDP (now an unconscionable some 10 times as much).  In 1981, there was still massive private, bene-credit.  How much?  What was personal wealth in 1981 v now?

Before 1971, everyone owed each other, friends, neighbors, employees, vendors, etc money.  Now we all owe the banks.  Before there was creative and unitive, now banks decide our lives.  And keep in mind gaining this power cost the banks nothing, for they lent credit, not money.

How much of that blue line represents bad investment crowding out good investment?

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