Sunday, July 26, 2015

Bubble Specialty Fads

Cigars attended the self-congratulatory bubble economy as it expanded, and along with cupcakes and ice cream stores, there were specialty lines, and there were fad.  Marmalade is a bubble product, but a specialty that was not a fad.  It is good in its own right, and will be made forever.

On the other had, we have cigar dealers trying to stay alive in a bubble that has blown...
While it’s still one of the bigger booths on the trade show floor, the space that housed General Cigar Co. was noticeably smaller than it has ben in recent years and much tamer. There was no music, no flashy Foundry area, no sports cars, no river…you get the point.
Funny named wines and cigars are unlikely to survive, and co-branding cigars with pro-wrestlers...  don't think so.  Good money after bad.

The article talks about the Macanudo label makeover,  a sure sign the franchise is swindling.  I accidently suggested to Ted Van Doorn that a product that was selling so well for us should have its packaging updated.    With a scowl he corrected me:  "Why put money into updating a package for an item we cannot keep in stock.  You worry about packaging when an item slows down, not when it is doing well."

OK...  always just enough to sell through...

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