Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Greece: 200 Years Ago, Precisely the Same Thing

Read this fine historical essay, and see how today is a repeat, along with the eventual solution:
It is now largely overlooked, but the 19th century had its own precursor to EMU in the shape of the Latin Monetary Union, set up principally to try to solve the hoary problems of silver:gold bimetallism. But, if much of the Union’s history was dogged by the narrow technical issues of how, firstly, to structure its members’ own monetary system and, thereafter, to align it more closely with those of the non-members, there were other features, too, which are still very much germane today.
Also, note this:
“…taxes had been increased by 45%; immense loans had been contracted and it had been decided to confiscate… the property of the religious corporations. [But] toward the end of 1865… a final deficit of 210 million lire [~40% of receipts] was found to exist… taxes… proved unreliable and it was found necessary to float a new loan.”
The neocons took a page from the Nazis who charged Catholics clergy with pedophilia as the Church rejected Nazi militarism.  The Catholic Church in USA was the only entity to reject the Bush/Neocon wars, so they too were targeted the same way.

The next step, after raising taxes (no big deal to the self-employed) will be the seizing of church assets on a larger scale.

We've seen all of this before.

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