Saturday, July 11, 2015

L A Architecture

LA is now a Hispanic city, and it does have its high-rises, but it also has massive swathes of 2000 SF storefronts with living quarters on top, precisely the kind of architecture needed for a recovery.  Family businesses, exempt from the "get big or get out" government mandates, and outside of the claims crowding down on so little USA GDP, plus the Mexican culture, means LA will thrive as cities less blest will suffer mightily.

Now, if the inevitable banking system crash would just happen....

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Anonymous said...

It may surprise many but LA has always been a Hispanic city. In fact, one of the first mayors of the city was Jose Antonio Carrillo who was "alcalde" of Los Angeles in 1826, 1828, and 1833.

John Wiley Spiers said...

Well, to be sure, a city named after Mary, Queen of the Angels, and in Spanish no less, would necessarily be originally a Spanish town, but it was war, entertainment and oil that made it a megacity, and bumped Hispanics into 2nd place. For a while. And it may surprise people to learn the idea of free markets came to English speaking countries via France who got it from the Spanish scholastics, who studied the Islamic scholars. Small world.