Wednesday, August 12, 2015


Wait, what?  Alexander Hamilton is the arch criminal of USA politics, the counter-revolutionary who brought in corporate welfare, warfare and all the horrors of capitalism into the USA project.
Marc Jacobs stood in line for the buffet. Jake Gyllenhaal ran into buddies on the terrace. And Susan Sarandon got political. “I liked it better than the hype,” Ms. Sarandon, said about “Hamilton.” “We are ready for another revolution. Maybe this will help people remember our beginnings: our brave, young and un-corporate spirit.”
In USA, we talk Thos. Jefferson and freedom, etc, but our policies are all warfare/welfare Hamiltonian.

The only good thing about him is he was a bad shot, and Burr, the sitting Vice President at the time,  killed him in a dual.  Man, the good old days!

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