Thursday, August 6, 2015

Mag Lev Lexus Skateboards

This blog has for years advocated Mag-Lev as a solution to pollution, energy costs, foreign dependency, police abuse, transportation inefficiency and a host of other problems.  Now come Lexus with a working solution:
Before we get to that, here's a brief description how it works: Lexus’s hoverboard uses magnetic levitation, or maglev, to achieve frictionless movement. Liquid nitrogen-cooled superconductors are combined with a magnetic surface to essentially repel gravity. Maglev technology itself isn’t new, and this isn't the first hoverboard to use it. American startup Arx Pax raised over half a million dollars last year through a Kickstarter campaign to fund its Hendo Hoverboard.
Note these are private company efforts, the hegemon is merely getting in the way.  And indeed, if we want to see a revolution and economic recovery as grand as we saw with telecommunications when Carter deregulated phones and Al Gore gave us the internet, then we need to deregulated transportation so private companies can raise equity on real assets and build out a mag lev system, where China is ahead of us already.  To make this happen, the Hegemon has to relinquish power, as Carter (my favorite president) did when he eliminated the ICC.  (Carter did the heavy lifting, the right thing, and Reagan got the credit for the massive benefit to the economy.)

Usually such technological advance goes from the general to the specific: the railroad steam engine for mass use drilled down over time to the internal combustion personal locomotion, the auto+mobile.  We still use the word "car" (from an individual train car) to refer to a individual transport unit.  But this time it seems to be going from the individual (the skate boarder) to the car, trucks, railroads.  The country that is the least regulated and most free market will win this contest.

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