Friday, August 7, 2015

My Retirement Investment Plan: Gamil?

The idea of retirement is repugnant to me, that I would stop doing what I love.  My "exit strategy" is to grab my chest mid-sentence and drop dead.  I am profoundly sorry for people who look forward to stop doing what they do.  What they do must be dreadful.

People ask me for investment strategy, and as noted earlier, it is "invest in the means of production" and extend credit to your customers (defined as ready, willing and able to pay, if any of the three elements are missing, they  re not customers yet countless people waste tremendous resources pretending people lacking one of the three are "customers".)

But there is other money, and since gold and silver is not necessary at the small business level, I invest in other businesses, by making non-interest loans via Kiva Zip.    I roll this over, and let Kiva decide to whom to lend.  They keep an accounting and apprise of repayment, with an urge to re-lend.  I just got this notice:

Well, thanks Gamil.  I wonder who Gamil is,  how much Gamil got, and what he is doing with the money?  The 14 cents is I think a 1/36th payment, so he must have been allocated $5 out of my Kiva loan pool contribution.  I can find out, but I am not about to spend the time to figure what is being done with a $5 loan.

Whether it is $100 or a $1 million, I'd far more trust Gamil and countless others to handle my money than any licensed investment advisor or plan in the USA.  Further, with my money spread so thinly, there is simply no way Uncle Sam can effectively "bail-in" my money to keep the banker regime going. And best of all, it is loans free of usury!

I don't give investment advice, but I am happy to tell people what I do.

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