Tuesday, August 4, 2015

No Wonder Solzhenitsyn Went Back to Russia

Long before Ron Paul was complaining about a Mexican Wall being used to keep us in, I noted it.  Now they can seize passports without due process.
Indeed, Congress does seem rather obsessed in creating various loopholes by which the government can snatch American citizens’ passports and restrict travel without due process. It makes you wonder if Ron Paul was right in 2011 when he stated: “Border Fence Will Be Used To ‘Keep Us In'”
It is not possible to get a good education in USA schools anymore, while I had a so-so education way back when, and studied the ancients, naturally.  The fact that the Romans in their end times built walls for the exact same reasons we do, and also captured people escaping their real estate holdings to force them to work them and pay taxes.

These regimes always end up the same way:  when people can no longer escape to anarchy, they welcome in the invaders to overthrow their government.  Rome, Ming, Aztec ... it's always the same.

But sometimes the regimes go on after sealing the borders:  the Soviets would not let the Ukrainians escape the starvation of the 1930s, nor the Chicoms the victims of collectivization escape there either in the 1960s.  Sealing borders are about keeping people in, to face the horrors of central planning

Buffalo is going to bring it this year!!!  Let's all talk about a man who surgically defaced himself to escape a manslaughter charge by claiming to be a woman driver.  Let's hate Russia!  The economy is improving!

It won't take much to outclass this capitalist democracy.

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