Thursday, August 27, 2015

USA/Australia Trade for China

Stockman makes an interesting point on China/USA trade:

With respect to its non sequitir that China accounts for only 1% of US exports would it not occur to a reasonably alert observer that Caterpillar did not export its giant mining equipment to China; it went there indirectly by way of Australia’s booming iron ore provinces.
Likewise, the US did not export oil to China, but China’s vast, credit-inflated demand on the world market did artificially lift oil prices above $100 per barrel, thereby touching off the US shale boom that is now crashing in Texas, North Dakota, Oklahoma and three other states. And is it not the fact that every net new job created in the US since 2008 is actually in these same six shale states?
Similarly,  US exports to Europe have tripled to nearly $1 trillion annually since 1998, while European exports to China have more than quintupled. Might there possibly be some linkages?

Read the whole story to understand why deflation is inevitable.

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