Friday, September 11, 2015

Microsoft Windows 9.5

What do Computers and Air Conditioning Units have in Common?

The both work fine until you open Windows.

How come Microsoift skipped V 9 of Windows, and is going to v 10?

Because there was already a Windows 95, and can you imagine the confusion and problems with a Windows, V 9.5?  This would be a typical microsoft mistake, a company that has been a net deficit in the world of computers since its inception.

The fact that microsoft avoided causing a problem is now, very new, and perhaps since Gates and Blamer are no where to be seen, the company might actually provide some net value...
For the last few decades, Microsoft would sit down and build a new version of Windows every three years or so. This new version would start shipping on new PCs, but by and large, consumers didn’t run out and buy the new version to upgrade their computers. They simply got the new Windows when they got a new computer. With Windows 10, Microsoft isn’t even getting cash from those who do want to buy the latest and greatest version. Following the furor over Windows 8 and it’s tablet-centric design, Microsoft has announced Windows 10 will be a free update for one year from release.
About time they began to operate responsibly.

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