Saturday, September 5, 2015

Why Better to Vote for Hillary or Jeb

The media circus around people who will not make it to the election is designed to draw folks into the process, as people who would not otherwise vote get interested, buy into, the process as their favorite idealist (or pragmatist) acts out.  We are being lead to an inevitability.

I was reading an article by a Vietnam-era CIA analyst who was making the point trying to bring democracy to that country was quixotic, since they had the concept of "full" politician.  A provincial governor eventually gets enough to where he no longer squeezes the peasants so hard.  Life is better with a lifer.

Newly installed politicians though need to fill up their larders, so they squeeze hard, making life miserable for the peasants.  Better to have a full politician.

In USA, every time we elect someone to "go clean up the waste and corruption" and drain the cesspool, they discover the cesspool is a hot tub and waste and corruption serves a congressman well.  Over half of our congress is millionaire.  The other half is busy working on it.

Obama was certainly only a placeholder, but he too had to have his boots filled with Brazilian oil & industry skim put into his account.

Assuming the Clintons have filled up their larders enough (hmmmm), and certainly he Bushes have, then it makes sense to just vote them back into office, so they do not feel the need to steal as much as the new people.  Also, they would tend to clip the wings of upstarts who want to topple their houses.

This is a benefit of having royalty, kings, who have enough and jealously guard themselves from upstarts.  Why one of our closest allies has beheaded over 100 people so far this year (Saudi Arabia, not ISIS).  Kings whack people who start trouble for them.

So ro protect your pocket book, best to vote in the most corrupt, career, fattest cat on the ticket, if you are going to vote.

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