Friday, November 27, 2015

ADM Cowers

 ADM has withdrawn its booth from a major food show:
"ADM's top priority is the safety of our colleagues. Given the recent events in France, ADM has decided to cancel our participation at FiE 2015 in Paris" the firm said in a statement.

What is it about welfare queens that it is not enough to live off taxpayers, they must also steal and commit fraud and ...  well, is it just that the people running ADM, Boeing, Google, Walmart, McDonalds, Microsoft are culturally inferior?  People who collect welfare tend to be lazy, thieving, lying, violent, paranoid, mean...  right?  And talk about absentee fathers, one of those whose wrist got slapped in one of the ADM convictions was the son of the ADM CEO.  We really need to end welfare in the USA. But not a dime of personal welfare is cut until every dime of corporate welfare is cut.

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Anonymous said...

I think that these big companies being on corporate welfare can make them lazy and complacent, and less creative and innovative in developing new products.