Thursday, November 5, 2015

Ocean Freight Rates Tumble

Ocean freight rates don't matter much in small business int'l trade, but falling rates mean the big boys are shipping less, in other words, no hiding the economy that is failing, the big boys' economy.

Shipping is a strong indication on the health or weakness of the global economy. So let's take a look at what's happening.

So, while this does not mean much directly, as in lower costs for small business, indirectly it does because as those big boys contract, there is some vacuum into which we sell, a theme I have been demonstrating here.

An informal study I have done is how many longstanding businesses started in times of economic distress.  Someone ought to study this as a master thesis or a Phd dissertation; small business renaissance after rents fall in a capitalist economic crack-up.

We cannot have an economic recovery until rents fall (disastrously for the capitalists) and free marketers can build from a "place" ... where they do business.  It would be an interesting study.

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