Friday, November 13, 2015

Robots: Again Blaming Cheap Labor

There never has been, nor ever will be, any evidence let alone proof cheap labor is a factor in international trade.  I know, you have never heard any different, therefore you believe it, but no one in int'l trade believes cheap labor is a factor.

The powers that be use that lie to divert attention from their policies that destroy work in the USA: blame the foreigners, who are as much victims themselves.  This is how convoluted it is: if we want to see manufacturing return to USA, we must delegitimize charging interest on loans.  Simple as that, as difficult as that.  Yes, I understand that lending asset-less credit is devastating, but no one would do it if he could not charge interest.  The core problem is charging interest on loans, that which leads to disaster  throughout history (and why every major religion and ethical system condemns it.)

But anyway, here they go again: robots, in essence, promise not only cheap labor but elimination of labor:
“Yet the smarter machines become, the greater the likelihood that the space remaining for uniquely-human skills could shrink further,” Haldane said. He said what was previously unthinkable even a decade ago is now reality, like a driverless car.
Of course bankers are touting this, since they want people to keep looking elsewhere for the source of the poverty and lack of prosperity.  We need not wait for change, I am finding out a critical mass of people can maintain a commonwealth of prosperity by merely eschewing usury.

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