Thursday, December 31, 2015

Agriculture in USA is Still Small Business

Check this out...
According to the USDA:
  • 10 percent of farms have gross sales of more than $250,000 and produce 80 percent of the country’s food
  • 30 percent have gross sales between $10,000 and $249,000 and produce 18 percent of US food
  • 60 percent have gross sales under $10,000 and produce less than 2 percent of food
Well,  if 80% of ag biz is small biz and produces 20% of our food, 20% produces 80%

Most help is for the 20%.

I focus on the other 80%, who need sales, and cannot effectively access the help that is "free."

One thing people worry about is funding, and I am happy to see there is zero interest (usury free) financing available aplenty:
  • Barnraiser 
  • is for food startups looking for donations to get their product off the ground
  • Kiva Zip
  •  is a free zero-interest loan platform great for early startups with low capital needs (up to $5,000)
  • Community Sourced Capital
  •  is a zero-interest loan platform perfect for a growing business with larger capital needs ($5,000-$50,000)
And of course the real finance is intra-business, with no banks involved, that is vendor financing, at no interest.

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Anonymous said...

What nobody told me about small farming: I can’t make a living

People say we're "rich in other ways," but that doesn't fix the ugly fact that most farms are unsustainable