Saturday, December 19, 2015

LUCY! You Have Some 'splainin' To Do!

Straight out of Lucille Ball sitcom:
So this guy sells his truck to a dealership back in 2013, and begins to remove his logo wrap from the truck, but the dealership said they would handle the removal. Then in 2014 he sees his truck, with logo intact, being used by ISIS on the news. He’s seeking $1 million in damages from the dealership.
So along with cash, training, weapons, intel,  the USA must be passing off used trucks to ISIS too...  don't worry, we'll be deep into WWIII to soon to actually investigate what the USA military is up to.  Remember, the USA ambassador murdered in Benghazi was personally delivering embargoed arms to terrorists when elements of some displeased gov't whacked him.

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Anonymous said...

I figure that since the Western powers, the US, UK and NATO et al. (along with Saudi Arabia) probably had a heavy hand in creating the mess in the middle east in the first place (ISIS, etc.) to destabilize Syria and instigate conflict and problems with Russia, they should be the ones cleaning it up and paying for it - the "pottery barn rule" - you broke it, you bought it.

"War is a Racket" by Major General Smedley Butler, published in 1935.