Thursday, December 17, 2015

Stockman Rolls The Dice

There is not a better expositor and insider critiquing the status quo working today than David Stickman.  Smartly, her has outsourced the tedious list maintenance and promoters at Agora.  Together, they have made a free video that offers a plan.  I haven't seen it.  I don't need ot.  With fear of contradiction, it will lead to disaster.

I was there, before he died, when Hitler flying ace and Austrian economics maven Sennholz received a lifetime award for his work in Austrian economics.  Now there was a man who had lived a full, real life.

In his acceptance speech he made one simple point  the powers that be always have 1,000 more options of play than you think they do.  Stockman and Agora are advocating a specific play in their video, no doubt about it.  There is the error.  all politicians careers end in disgrace, and Stockman was once a politician, briefly.  He will not escape his fate, as unique and superior as he is.
Consider a working American who spent 40 years at the median wage, lived frugally, and managed to accumulate a nest egg of $250,000.
If he is now retired and needs to stay liquid for health or family reasons or out of just plain prudence and therefore has his money invested in CDs or treasury bills, here’s what he gets: $750 annually.
That’s less than one Starbucks cappuccino per day! That’s right. One cappuccino for a lifetime of thrift.
No one has said it better.  If enough people short the market, the powers that be will simply do a short squeeze and wipe them all out.  The bad guys are not going anywhere, ever, or at least as long as we live.  Don't try to beat them.. I beat them, but they just changed the rules after I did.

If you think wealth is personal accumulation, then you are a sucker for shorting the market and gaining massive personal accumulation.  But they will simply charge the rules, or screw it, just seize it.  China is doing that right now, and throwing winners in prison for good measure.

No, the only way to play the next forty years is self-employed (better yet, customer employed) with the correct definition of wealth as an ever widening and more responsive array of goods and services accessible by an ever widening demographic with their own earnings.  That means you too, but it means everyone, or it does not work.

You can try to short the hegemon.  Good luck.  they don't call him the hegemon for nothing.  Better to start up a small business, and life your lifestyle.

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