Saturday, December 12, 2015

Yahoo and Yum

So the game is no longer working, and whereas Yahoo is planning to unload its core to keep its Alibaba stock (a reverse of its earlier plan), Yum (KFC/Taco Bell/Pizza Hut) is unloading its China division.

Yahoo did a 180 when they realized selling yahoo would be a hammering on taxes, and who knows why Yum is spinning off...
As for Pizza Hut, it has been dealing with greater competition from upstart online ordering businesses that aggregate pizza sellers, a slowing Chinese economy and misguided promotions that didn't emphasize affordable prices. "There has been dramatic activity in the aggregator sector we have seen venture capitalists come in and Chinese internet players are backing some," said Pant. According to Pant, Pizza Hut is now listed on aggregator sites, but will proceed cautiously in developing a strategy to compete with the new companies. 
Since when can start-ups cut into the sales of those with mass market buying power? Since deflation.

the fact is uncle sam needs to mulct his cut from the only people with receipts they can track, and the "get big or get out" malcredit driven model is over.

It will make sense in time...  but banks giving up too big to fail status (GE),  and restaurants splitting up to save themselves...  my my my... what does it all mean?

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