Tuesday, January 5, 2016

China: A Gentle Reminder?

Wanna scare people toot sweet back into line in China?  Remind them of not so long ago....
File:Mao Zedong with workers.jpg
An article this week looks like something out of Beijing Review, 1966:

Xi begins new year with visit in Southwest China's Chongqing

Check out the whole series of photos.  I was travelling twice a year to China 1977-81 and then took a sabbatical from work to finish a bachelor's concentrating on Asia.  To watch the changes first hand and then study it was fascinating.  It's not so much just Pres. Xi, for his staged photo-ops are bad enough, but to arrange the audience in crypto-Maoist array leaves nothing to the imagination. These image remind elders (like me, I guess... sheesh..) that the CPC PRC (Chinese Communists) are the 大救星.   President Xi three months ago was getting down at a Tacoma, Washington High School, so he is no Long March Yan'an Cave man.  He is a polished world-class leader, which makes these images all the more striking.  But it is an effective, nonviolent way to signal the Communists take their role as national saviors seriously, and no one else comes close to legitimacy.

CP-PRC Word to troublemakers:  You've learned nothing, we've forgotten nothing.  With an economic cataclysm on the way, it's back to the future. Although plenty of people will act up and demand changes, well, there will not be regime change on the CP- PRC watch.    Fine for the Soviets if they want, but not China.

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