Monday, January 4, 2016

Did You Waste Time and Money on an MBA?

If you have an MBA, especially in finance, you may have wasted all of that time and no doubt money, and are perhaps enslaved by the hegemon with an unbankruptable loan, in spite of being unemployable.  Too bad, but you could work your way out of the hole by being self-employed

What I teach is valid, because it works for me.  And for others.  But is it reliable?  That is it works for everyone?  Yes, as I show in studies I have found.

Here is a couple I've never heard of, and has no doubt never heard of me.  But here they are, starting up a brilliant business, and getting finance the old fashioned way: subscription pre-sales.  The fact plenty of others do what I also teach although they have never heard of me is heartwarming.

You can start your own business too and get out of debt.

Check out their website video, and then back them.

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Anonymous said...

This is a good idea.

But my concern is overloading (overheating?) an electrical outlet if you stack too many together and/or recharge too many devices together.

Maybe they could add a feature like an alarm to warn if this happens?

(I'm not an electrical engineer so I not even sure if my concern is valid.)