Thursday, January 21, 2016

Official Hegemon Policy: Get Big or Get Out

Why do hegemons and their minions love big business?  Because in a fight between a corporation CEO and the President of the USA, the hegemon's puppet, the President, wins.  A USA president can crush a small biz too, but so what?  Up pops another.  Collectivization as a policy picks craven leaders of corporations that will always do your bidding.

A banker exclaims:
But the bank doesn’t expect to drastically reduce its energy lending, Chief Executive James Dimon said on a call with analysts. “If banks just completely pull out of markets every time something gets volatile or scary, you’ll be sinking companies left and right.”
Correct.  Since 1971, the job of bankers is to get rid of small businesses and with mal-credit-effect collectivization.  Their job is to keep the picked winners solvent, which essentially crowds out the genuinely viable business.  Bad businesses drive out the good, you get more of what you subsidize.

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