Sunday, January 24, 2016

Pope Francis: St Francis or Francis I?

One of the most memorable popes in history was named after Julius Caesar, Pope Julius, the renaissance pope who rebuilt Rome and at one point vowed to throw Michalangelo off the scaffolding if he did not hurry up the Sistine Chapel ceiling.

Pope names are more political than spiritual, and the last pope, now retired Benedict XVI took the name of the famous anti-war WWI Pope Benedict XV.

So when a Jesuit took the name of Francis, all assumed he was naming himself after Francis of Asissi, pacifist, lefty-hero founder of the Franciscans.

Why?  Pope Francis I has given no aid or comfort to liberals and lefties, except some clearly out of context, bad translation quotes.  And it goes without saying the rabid uniform-queen wing of the Catholic Church has no use for him.   Capitalists fear his financial reforms and pronouncements.

King Francis I (of France)

1. Contemporary of Henry VIII, he was in the center of a shifting world order.

2. Allied with Islam to defend his realm, partner with Suleiman the Magnificent.

3. Effected profound bureaucratic reforms.

4. Patron of the Arts.

5. Open to new ideas.

6.  A beloved sister.

7.  What else?

A pope exercises deep power, whether one approves or not.  So will this one, but to understand, perhaps one ought to consider his inspiration.  His work on economics are more King Francis than Saint Francis.

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