Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Pick A Show, Any Show

For your start-up, a time deadline is a great motivator.  For a business, customers are the most important thing, and design (getting the product or service right) is the hardest thing.  A trade show puts you in the middle of the competition, and fires up your motivation, imagination and builds confidence as you realize "I can do this".  Not to mention the people you meet.

Pick a world class city, that is easy to get to and easy to work in.  I choose Hong Kong.  Sure, China is the 800 pound gorilla at Hong Kong shows, but for that same reason traders from Chile, Botswana, Jordan, Germany, Singapore, Mexico are all there too.  You can "go spartan" in Hong Kong and be clean, safe and healthy, or you can find rooms as expensive as anything in London or Tokyo.    Hong Kong's unique system allows for all at once.

Then there is the endlessly fascinating parts of Hong Kong, for example, competing private companies issue the currency.  You'll have several hundred Hong Kong dollars in your wallet, and several different designs, since they come from different private companies.  That in itself is work a long study.

All the big acts on World Tour stop in Hong Kong, last week Madonna had a couple of shows. Imagine the story of seeing Madonna in Hong Kong while you were there.  Or Yo-yo Ma or whoever your favorite happens to be. And then the Museums!

Hong Kong has an amazing selection of shows put on by many organizations.  I've long admired (going on 40 years now) the professionalism of the Hong Kong Trade Development Council and the shows they put on.  Wine, fashion, jewelry, film, housewares, you name it.

So pick a show, note the dates, start organizing a trip around a visit.


Some people like a guided tour to such a new thing, and I offer that here.

But Hong Kong is so accessible, professional, safe and so on, you can do it on your own if you like.  Either way, discover Hong Kong soon!

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