Sunday, March 20, 2016

Deregulate Medicine Now

When I was a kid, I was in the emergency room often, since I had the gift of ADD/ADHD. No one every worried about the cost of health care, because the Catholics had an awesome range of hospitals whose prices reflected what people could pay, and the difference was made up by charitable donations. Nobody went without health care.  But then big government got access to unlimited credit, and socially conditioned people to worry about "health insurance" instead of health care.  By driving up costs through monopolies (patents) and control over how many beds may be licensed for health care, the Catholics were driven out, and now the corporations run the shows, even in hospitals still bearing Catholic names.

While awaiting the birth of a daughter, I recall reading the early registries of admittd patients from a historical record in one of Providence Hospital display cases.  Names redolent of soul, Asia and native predominated.  These people could not pay, but they got fixes and cures.

I also recall when kids with glasses had to be careful because their glasses cost an arm and a leg, and countless people had to go without reading because optometry was a racket for these doctors to charge too much to do too much.  Some effort was made to deregulate optometry, and the pushback assured us untold gnerations of people stumbling around for lack of glasses if optometry was deregulated.  I am wearing a pair of 1.25 glasses I got for $8 at a Walgreens, now that optometry has been deregulated.

The hegemon is a thug, and professionals like to have a thug enforce their private rents.  Here a doctor is threatened for charging a low price to the poor.  We need strict separation of health care and state.

Completely deregulate medicine.

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