Thursday, March 24, 2016


Lawrence of Arabia's claim to fame was he took the city of Aqaba, by coming in from the desert instead of the sea.  Aqaba was impregnable from the sea, and the desert was thought to be uncrossable.  Lawrence 1, Ottoman 0.

China has decided to take most of the world trade by coming in from the desert.  Europe, Middle East, SE Asia, India, Africa, reachable by land and a 100 year long development project.  Crossing the desert is no longer a problem. Worthy of a great nation.
In September 2011, the State Council issued Several Opinions on Supporting the Building of the Kashgar and Khorgas Economic Development Zones, which clearly spelled out the relevant supporting policies and established Khorgas' special position in the opening up of Xinjiang, and indeed China, to the outside world. Khorgas was officially established as a city in September 2014 and combines the characteristics of a border area, a customs checkpoint, a commercial city and an international city. It is positioned as a gateway for international trade "linking the east and the west" and a bridgehead for opening up to the west. 
This suits China, a huge project people.  The city they built is empty right now, and China has built several empty cities.  but what is different this time is they have built one of each thing that worked in the last 30 years, plus under the rules that work.

It appears they'll let Uncle Sam keep the seas for now.  It's time to read the tea leaves, and let China, with one quarter of its landmass native to Islam, deal with Islamic extremists.  Declare victory and get out of the middle east, and buy our oil once, instead of twice: coast of oil and cost of war.

We have our own country to rebuild after the ravages of capitalism, and create a renaissance in free markets.  Then we'd be invincible, prosperous and free.

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