Sunday, March 6, 2016

Micky D - Better Food, Trashier Decor

McDonald's took the malcredit and grew to brontosaurus dimensions, wiping out family hamburger stands, then developed an unhealthy menu based on subsidized frankenfoods, and enticed customers with free toys, like the creep hanging around the schoolyard.  They are now dying.

Their attempts to live are astonishing:
But many locals are not impressed. One said the redesign was “a poorly thought through, corporate attempt at being down with the kids” while another said the fast food giant was “trying to card to be urban cool”. Lambeth resident Matthew Jupp said:  “Hopefully this is another step towards graffiti being really dated and corporate and thus not worth doing.”
Take a look... they want to reach the EBT crowd with their unhealthy food...  desperate to please the hegemon.

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