Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Airbus Builds Jets In USA to Get ExIm Loans?

Boeing tells us they could not compete without taxpayer bailouts in the form of taxpayers on the hook for the credit given to foreign companies to buy Boeing jets.

There must be something to the utter dependence on the hegemon, and not the market, for viability, since Airbus is now making jets in USA with a hope to get in on state-welfare too:
An Airbus spokesman stated: “If we were to sell a Mobile-assembled aircraft to an international carrier, it could be eligible for some level of Exim financing.” Chairman Export-Import Bank, Fred Hochberg said: “If an Airbus plane from Mobile had 50% US content, we’d finance 50%.”
Splendid.  Now we are importing welfare queens to add to our costs.  Say we sell a Boeing jet for $300 million.  Whatever the profit margin is,  the costs are not justified in the selling price.  If we had competition in jets, the price would prolly be 2/3rds that at most.  But because Boeing is a welfare queen on taxpayer support, we pay too much for too much.  And now Airbus wants in on it too.

Cut every cent of every welfare program in the USA.  But do not cut one cent of personal welfare until every cent of corporate welfare is gone.  If so, by then, there would be no one left on welfare, because there would be an economic renaissance in USA.

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