Sunday, April 24, 2016


What odd thinkers these bitcoin/blockchain people be...  now comes one who tells us world peace it at hand because IBM is behind blockchain.  I am not making this up:
This vision and guidance leading the way, how might IBM, and its collaborators on blockchain, use blockchain technology to further peace through world trade via itsHyperledger Project with the Linux Foundation? First and foremost, to be realistic, by serving its clients. How might blockchain help this?
Thus far in the blockchain experiment, we’ve seen use cases for how it can be used. As the strongest use case so far, Bitcoin represents a formidable example of how trade and finance can be streamlined, and the unbanked banked.
This excitement for blockchain is in the deluded minds of false economy denizens.  I've been in int'l trade for over forty years.  I ask again, what is the problem are they trying to solve?  Do ebay sellers  imagine they'll get rich if they can just get blockchain to reach Mbuti tribesmen? Who needs to be able to reach so far with so much security (even if the false claims of security are true?)

Organic, true economy world trade, takes a dozen or so suppliers and a couple thousand customers, and  with that you are too small to steal from but you can live like a king.

I guess blockchain is a consolation for those who missed out on the Trekkie comicom craze.  A delusional fantasy to pursue instead of being productive.

Does it concern blockchainheads that IBM is going under?  Uncle Sam is refunding IBM a cool billion because it has revenue declines 16 quarters in a row. And so they are trying to get with it...  they'll hold blockchain conventions.  Now.  What to wear?

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Anonymous said...

Does it really take a dozen or so suppliers and a couple of thousand customers to live like a king? Sign me up. I can't wait to finish your current online Import/Export Now! class. Thanks for sharing your wisdom.

John Wiley Spiers said...

Well, there have been a lot of kings, so I suppose you have to say which one: King Solomon, King Creole, Pepin the Short?

AS to wisdom is kvetching smart?


Anonymous said...

I'll take Solomon since he has some books that have been in print for over 2,000 years plus he knew a thing or two about finances and women (not necessarily in that order). Yes, kvetching is smart.