Friday, April 8, 2016

Loan Sharking in Malta

How civilized!

In the small country of Malta junkies borrow money, not steal, to finance their habits.  When they run afoul of the loan sharks, they can call in the charities to save them.  (Caritas is a Catholic charity.)
Caritas PRO, Marika Mizzi, said that there is a number of reasons for which one resorts to illegal money lending, the three most prevalent ones being drug problems, gambling addictions and poverty. Contrary to popular belief, said Ms Mizzi, people afflicted by drug problems do not steal to finance their habit, many times they end up borrowing money.
Read on to see how and when the charities meet with the loan sharks to sort out the problem.  Funny, odd.

Now Malta is a tiny, uber-Catholic island country.  What happens there or what people say does not matter much.  But this idea that the real problem behind the drug trade is the loan sharking seems rather quaint.

Until you read the world's foremost authority on the "deep state" talking about USA today.
Many ordinary people, in an extraordinary number of urban locations, are more governed in their daily lives by their debts to local drug traffickers than by their debts to the public state. They know that if they fail to pay their taxes, they face fines or even prison. But if they fail to meet a drug debt, someone, perhaps a loved one, may be killed.
Well,  this usury thing is worse than I thought.

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