Thursday, April 7, 2016

Release 100% of the Panama Names

Whereas someone who knows Putin is among those revealed with a Panamanian account, David Camereon's dad has one.  Whereas USA press leads with Putin-guilty story, regarding Cameron it is "a private matter."  Oh.
His statement came in stark contrast to international media coverage of the “largest leak in offshore history.” Although neither Vladimir Putin nor any members of his family are directly mentioned in the papers, many mainstream media outlets chose the Russian president’s photo when breaking the story.
Another spin is this is how USA plans to chase hidden money into USA.  What is happening is a whole lotta more people now gonna hate USA.

Shouldn't I be pro-privacy?  Sure.  But what is in these accounts are not money, but tallies of credit with which malefactors absconded.  The credit is rarely legally acquired.  Further, I completely agree with the leftists who claim since the credit is government created to benefit the government, it belongs to the government.  Where this public money goes should be quite transparent.

I've often called for total immunity from prosecution for those who admit crimes before they get caught, or even if they get caught, if they fully confess.  USA often does this with such financial matters.  time to do it now.

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