Friday, April 29, 2016

Retire and Die

You think Bismarck knew this?

The team found that those who worked a year longer than the group that retired had an 11 percent lower risk of death.And interestingly enough, those termed unhealthy who also worked another year longer had a nine percent lower mortality risk.This data proves that working a year longer had positive impact on the study participants' mortality rate regardless of their health status.'The healthy group is generally more advantaged in terms of education, wealth, health behaviors and lifestyle, but taking all of those issues into account, the pattern still remained,' said Robert Stawski, senior author of the paper and associate professor.

That is only one study.  There would have to be more studies to see if others got the same results for anything to be proven.  But it does not contradict an essential point, self-employment is about lifestyle, and with the right work and lifestyle, you never retire.

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Anonymous said...

Self employment is about achieving a desirable quality of life. How can you retire from a great lifestyle? Achieving that on one's own terms is priceless.