Wednesday, April 13, 2016

The Folly Of Taxing Business

It is inexorably true that a business cannot be taxed.  All taxes are paid by the end user, so when you tax Amazon or Apple or Starbucks, it is their customers, you, who ultimately pay the taxes.  A tax is just another business expense.  When you eat a Hershey bar, you have paid all of Hershey's taxes on that.

Talk about Pynchon's gambit:  Get them to ask the wrong question, who cares about the answer.  "Should corporations be taxed?"  Goofy question, cuz it asks "should we pay more taxes?"  Why not just ask, "Should we pay more taxes?"  The history of USA the last 60 years is how to get people to pay more taxes without them realizing.

Then there is the double folly of taxing a Google or banks or another false economy business.  They produce nothing, so to extract something from nothing gets you.... nothing...  but deeper in debt.  They will add to their credit lines what is mulcted by demand of the people, and then the people will get more free $#!+ added to their bill.  Things only get worse, but immediate gratification is met.

Bernie Sanders is promising all the hopes and dreams of the free $#!+ will be met... free college!  Yay! But so do the republicans, and Hillary.  Bernie is the only one expressly saying "free something" to get votes.  Trump is hated cuz he is suggesting some freebies be discontinued.  Fear and loathing!

Why not get the state out of education and let it return to when a kid working in fast food and summers could pay his way through?

Naw!  Gimme free $#!+, no matter what it costs!

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