Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Clinton Foundation Enjoying a Pass

One of the many guys who spent ten years screaming, proving, demonstrating, shouting, bugging government regulators about the Madoff fraud (and of course was ignored until shortsellers, the only real securities regulators, exposed him) is now doing the same with the fraudulent Clinton Foundation.

Again he is utterly ignored by regulators.  Regulators, especially financial regulators, are huge consumers of porn while on duty.  Imagine that, earn a quarter million a year as a "regulator" and spend all day collecting porn. Since no one in government is ever prosecuted for crimes, why would it ever occur to them to enforce laws?  That would be hypocrisy.

(Hastert is no longer in government, and he was not jailed for child-molestation, but for money laundering.  Our government has its priorities.)

Who are you voting for?

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Luke Avedon said...

You said it better than anyone.