Saturday, May 28, 2016

Outboarders and Suitcasers

Here is someone I would remonstrate with, for his foolishness:
An outboarder is a company that should be exhibiting who decides to sponsor their own event during the show without the consent of the organizer. A suitcaser can be defined as a non-exhibiting supplier who attends the show and tries to conduct business at the show. Both of these types of parasites are trying to hitchhike on the franchise of the organizer.
For most shows, the bulk of the revenue comes from booth space sales and sponsorships by exhibitors. Outboarders and suitcasers prey on attendees without paying the freight.
"Prey"on attendees?  You mean attendees are forced to deal with these people, attendees cannot simply ignore anyone they do not care to meet?
One thing the IPPE (International Production & Processing Expo) has done over the last several years is to put a clause in all of the hotel contracts mandating that ALL requests for meetings, hospitality suites and functions during the show be approved by the show organizer.
In the contract there is a clause that failure to do so will implement a redress penalty of 10 times the price of a minimum sized booth (10’ X 10’, grossing about $20/square foot). This means that if the organizer finds out about an unauthorized meeting, it will cost the hotel in question $20,000.
If.  Delusional!  People rent hotel rooms and have meetings all the time, unrelated to any show.  I am sure if a show took up every room in the hotel, including all conference rooms, the hotel would comply, but at that point it would be moot.  But the never do. I am also sure hotels will gladly humor this idiot and say, "Yes, we will check with you first on ALL meetings of any kinds."  And then do nothing. Do you think some dairy salesman is going to agree to have his meeting approved by some cracker with something called the IPPE?

The ideal is ultimately to exhibit at a trade show.  Short of the ideal, there are many steps on the way, only two of which are called outboarding and suitcasing.  Shows ought to welcome and embrace and facilitate these people instead of entertaining some delusional ranter.

The inevitable is the ideal.

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