Monday, May 30, 2016

Uline's $25 Fee

I love, and I've said so here quite a few times, but they lost me as a customer this week, and therein is a business opportunity.

I put together my order, and noted I'll pick it up myself at their warehouse, will call.  I noticed a $25 charge appear for pick-up, on orders less than $300.  What?  I emailed my complaint, and the response came back that with a busy parking lot, it was risky having people pick-up, and why not use UPS, etc?

Well, it is much cheaper for me to pick it up than have UPS run it through their system.  And hang on, at $300 orders people all of a sudden become safe drivers?  Surely driving on the freeway to Uline around trucks doing 70 is far riskier than on a lot where trucks to 5 mph.

The fact is, Uline is so big after rolling up all of the small local packaging houses that they lose money processing orders under $300.  See a business opportunity?  It gets better...

Uline sells no recycled boxes.  Those small packaging houses once did good business in that.  But now with recycling, those perfectly good used boxes get sent to the landfill.  Did you know that?

Recycling is a fraud.  Almost everything you laboriously sort recycling goes to a false economy make-work center where it is all carefully sorted and taken to the landfill and dumped anyway.  Call up and ask any recycler, they'll tell you.  Go ahead, get mad you've been scammed.  They do not care, because a. you'll do nothing about it (and can't), and b. if you tried, you'll go up against the vast majority of people who have been socially conditioned to believe otherwise.  When people find out what I say is true, they get mad at me, not the people who scammed them, or even themselves for being so gullible.

So a local small business that collects used boxes, and sells recycled packing materials, along with good tape guns (now ones are awful, buy up all the surplus old ones that you can) and other packaging materials, new and used.  Arbitrage the cost between what you pay for the materials and at what price you can sell them.  Get an old truck to do deliveries ... and work up a customer base of small shippers who need inexpensive packing materials, what we had 40 years ago but got rolled up by whoever was willing to borrow the most malcredit.

And at the same time, be a true recycler.

Feel free to forward this by email to three of your friends.