Thursday, June 2, 2016

Before You Kill Yourself - Dealing With Suiciders

White males 45-64, already a large group of suiciders, has grown nearly 50% in 15 years.
Men aged 45 to 64 had the highest increase in suicide rate among all groups, rising from 20.8 per 100,000 in 1999 to 29.7 in 2014. 
We live in a regime that believes there are too many people already, so there is not much support for people who are suicidal.  That far more soldiers kill themselves in USA than die in battle is an indication of this fact.  White males 34-64 are owed massive portion of the unfunded liability, so their misery and self-elimination is desirable to the Hegemon.  Both figure out they were lied to. Let the suicides multiply! Bring on the "refugees" to whom nothing is owed!

I've met doctors who care about suicide, and they say you can pretty much ignore chatter about suicide.  We all consider it occasionally, and who would not, given the world we are in?  Where you can pay attention is when the suicider starts talking specifics:  "I've researched shotgun suicides, and people often survive birdshot, but not buckshot, so I got buckshot shells when I bought a shotgun to kill myself."  Now that's serious.  A buddy of mine told me he had been saving up the parts of a speedball to go out wheeeeee!  That's serious planning.

What to do if your buddy is serious about checking out?  Don't argue with him, because it is none of your business and no reflection on you if he kills himself.  With my buddy, I simply noted his life was unique, and he should write it down before he killed himself.  This way you do not get in a pointless argument with him about whether he should kill himself, which would be tedious, but you do note killing himself before telling his story (or doing something valuable) would be wrong.  My buddy took eight years to write his book, it is not a bestseller, but he now says he never felt better, and is considering a second book.  Sometimes I wonder if I went too far.

So if you have a serious suicide on your hands, tell them before they waste themselves, you need a favor.  You are starting a business, and you need someone to make some sales calls, help you out with some rather tough steps, finding a customer.  Tell them not to worry, it cannot be screwed up, since this is start up, but it could be a huge help either way, in discovering market.  If your business gets going and when you are thriving, they can always ice themselves later.  But the least they can do before ending a miserable life is to help you out.

As an aside, if you read that article, and see where it notes our elders are not killing themselves as often as they used to, I'd just say because the old folks homes are killing them off before they get depressed.  I could not over-rule my siblings and my mother, but I could go in practically every day and see how even the most elite homes actively pursue homicide, by the book.  My mother caught on too late, but by then my brother and I had the 50 staff members treating her like Queen Victoria and utterly terrified of not making her the happiest broad money can buy.  I could walk in the kitchen and order a fruit compote (what is that?), explain it, and it would be delivered in minutes. Doctors and nurses nearly bowed when we walked the halls.  If your mom is in Bide-a-Wee Acres on the Termination Plan (do these homes have any other?), go in and show you care.  No one will mess with her.

Also, I have found this video a comfort whenever I was considering suicide, share it with the serious:

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Anonymous said...

This was a good post. Unemployment and not being able to provide for oneself and/or family can be a big factor in suicides I believe, especially for men as they get older. Older men can become laid-off and unemployed, and then find it harder to find another job. Age discrimination can also be a factor. Unfortunately the education system in the US apparently teaches people to be merely mindless cogs without any real creative or thinking skills, not entrepreneurs, which society needs more of.